API: Adding custom 3D models and imagery

We have had a number of API users express interest in adding custom geometry or imagery into the Doarama™ virtual world. This might include 3D models representing goals or flight zones, or detailed models generated using photogrammetry. If a live sporting event is being held in a localised area there could be benefit in using detailed tiled 2D imagery derived from UAV photos to overlay in that area.

For API users, this can now be done by providing a DZML file. DZML is a superset of Cesium’s CZML. We plan to extend DZML in the future with Doarama™ specific content.

For an example showing how to generate DZML for a 3D mesh derived from photogrammetry, head over to the Cesium blog post.

For instructions on how to inject this into the viewer via the API, search for DZML in the API docs

Originally published at blog.doarama.com on December 11, 2014.

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