Bulk uploads and avatars

Welcome to Doarama™ in 2015, and thanks for your ongoing support and use of the service in 2014!

We have just rolled out a number of changes to uploading. While these features should benefit individual users, they should in particular be of interest to event organisers who already have all the GPS tracks of competitors and want to quickly create a single visualization.

In summary…

  • Bulk uploads directly from your activity list by either drag and drop or file browser.
  • Bulk editing of info such as activity type, description, display label etc.
  • Random avatars to help visually distinguish multiple users in a visualization (courtesy of Gravatar). Any avatar type marked random (i.e. monster/wavatar/retro) will get a unique avatar image in that theme based off the activity ID. e.g. here’s a few wavatars…
  • Icons for activity types.
  • Revised “It seems you weren’t alone” page that has two separate lists depending on whether you or someone else uploaded tracks.

Thanks to all the users who requested this functionality, as your suggestions have helped inform the design.

Originally published at blog.doarama.com on February 13, 2015.

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