In response to a number of requests we have received, we have just released an exciting change to the way you discover visualizations on Doarama™. The old Feed page has been retired and replaced by Explore, a Doarama™ visualization portal — allowing you to browse visualizations by location, activity type, time and more.

Explore allows you to:

  • Find visualizations by location using an interactive map.
  • Filter visualizations based on activity type.
  • Search for Doarama™ users and visualization participants.
  • Sort visualizations by date created, date recorded or view count.
  • Restrict visualizations to within specific dates.
  • View only visualizations that contain synchronized video or images.

It is still an experimental feature so please let us know if you have any feedback or ideas on how to improve it.

Have fun exploring!

Originally published at blog.doarama.com on February 27, 2015.