Hyperlapse is here!

Microsoft’s Hyperlapse software provides a really nice smooth speedup of video. There are now apps for Android, Windows phone, and Windows Desktop. The desktop software allows high quality processing of GoPro and other action camera footage. Head over to Microsoft’s Hyperlapse page to check them out. More info on the technique can be found on the research page.

Since hyperlapse video is so complementary to the Doarama™ experience, we are pleased to announce that you can now incorporate hyperlapse video into your Doarama™ visualizations! Thanks to Jukka Alander for providing the example above.

When synchronizing your video, just enter the same speedup factor that you used in the hyperlapse software into the Video speed field. Note that Microsoft’s Hyperlapse algorithm does tend to smooth the movement so synchronization may drift, particularly during stop-start motion.

Originally published at blog.doarama.com on June 19, 2015.

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