Mountain Bikes, Triathlons, Ultras and Hikes

The Matterhorn on Doarama

Things continue to change and grow here at Doarama. We haven’t forgotten about our dedicated paragliders and hope to have a big announcement for you in a few months, but we are seeing more new types of events and activities on Doarama.

Mountain Biking in Slovakia

The Zelena Stopa Mountain Marathon Mountain Bike event is on September 1st (Slovak Constitution Day). It’s a beauty, moderately hilly course. Check it out on Doarama or at the very nicely done Zelena Stopa Race Website.

Ironman 70.3 World Championships

Our first Triathlon (we don’t actually have a category for it yet) is the 70.3 World Championships on Australia’s Sunshine Coast on September 3th. I’ve got a few friends racing, I’m sure some of you do to! Check out what they’ll be doing and let them know it’s the best way for them to scope out the course.

Ironman 70.3 in Australia’s Sunshine Coast

Ironman Hawaii World Championships

Some of you triathletes and friends of triathletes will also want to check out the Hawaii Ironman Course. I did Ironman Canada in 2011, but I don’t remember the swim being that long! Viewing the course in Doarama really puts some perspective into the challenge of the event. The Ironman World Championships is always held on the Saturday of the full moon, this year it’s October 8th.

Ironman Hawaii World Championships

One of the early adopters of Doarama for Ultra-marathon events, the San Luis Obispo Ultra — aka SloUltra is on September 10th. San Luis Obispo is a small town between San Francisco and LA up in the mountains inland. Check out the SloUltra website.

Great Hikes

Yosemite’s Half Dome

I’ve seen quite a few classic hikes on Doarama, just this past week both the Matterhorn and Yosemite’s Half Dome have been racking up the hits.

Did you know the weeks most popular tracks are shown on the Doarama homepage under the ‘Recently Uploaded’ section?

Making a Triathlon Course

I’ve had a few questions regarding making Triathlon Courses or manually making tracks for Doarama. Triathlon is particularly complicated at the moment because you are essentially combining 3 tracks. We will be improving this in the future, but for now, I’ve put together a blog post describing how I’ve done it. Check out the blog post.