New updates coming

We’ve been asking for feedback on Doarama and what new features our users would like to see. Overwhelmingly, the feedback has come back that many people want to play the Doarama viewer on their iPhone and iPad.

We’ve been working away on improving performance, which will let you view Doarama on all your favorite mobile devices. If you’ve got a modern Android phone or tablet, everything should already work for you, so please let us know if you are experiencing any issues.

Adding video to your Doarama

We’ve had the ability to add video to your Doarama tracks for a little while now, but there have been a few questions about getting it to work, so thought we’d take a moment to clear it up.

At the moment, adding videos can only be done when you create a new visualization, we’ll be updating that soon so you can add video to visualizations you’ve already created.

You will need to upload your video to YouTube before adding them to Doarama. Once your video is uploaded, create a new visualization in Doarama, and add the YouTube in the activity info section and click the ‘+’ button. You will then be able to set the time to match when the video plays within your visualization.

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