Olympics, World Records and Local Races

Olympic Marathon

It is a very exciting time here at Doarama. After a big re-launch of the site last month and hosting the course maps for the Tour de France as our first major featured sporting event, this month we follow that up with the Olympic courses for Road Cycling and Time Trial, Triathlon and Marathon.

If you’ve been wondering what the Olympic Courses in Rio look like, you can check them out in Doarama, and you can also embed them in your own website.

Antoine Girard World Record Flight

The Olympics is a good way to start the month, we’re also ecstatic to see Antoine Girard’s Paragliding World Record Flight which saw him fly over some amazing scenery and reach an altitude of 8157 meters. There is no better way to get the scale of this undertaking than on Doarama.

We’re also seeing more and more races using Doarama for their course maps to give competitors and fans a better feel for the upcoming events.

Sierre-Zinal — The Ultimate Mountain Running Race

This year Sierre-Zinal, considered the ultimate mountain running race, is showcasing the incredible course through the Alps on Doarama. It’s a truly spectacular running event where competitors face five 4000m peaks over the 31km distance.

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We can’t wait to see what you do next!