World Record Speed Windsurfing*ikboEWIu6vYGNMnCs6LaAA.jpeg

On November 9th, 2015, Antoine Albeau set a new Windsurfing speed world record at the Luderitz Speed Challenge.

Above you can see the world record run in Doarama. With the short track and high speeds, it is recommended you turn the speed down to about 2x speed, otherwise the whole thing is over in less than 2 seconds.

The acceleration on to the straight is really impressive, jumping 10 knots in just over 1 second.

Thanks for posting Jan Hendrik de Bruin.

For those in the Speed Windsurfing set or wanting to know more about the sport, check out GPS-Speedsurfing is in the process of implementing the Doarama API, so you should start being able to view lots of high-speed tracks shortly.

To read more about the World Record run, see the coverage on gizmag.